BARA Woodshaping is a high-end art panel company supplying US artists with custom art panels built to last as long as the art’s impression. BARA was started in 2018 by husband and wife, Bevan and Nix. After recently moving back to California after the birth of their first child, they created BARA with the intention of designing and building custom upscale furniture. In the first couple years, few furniture pieces were made and -- out of necessity -- they broadened their focus. They began taking miscellaneous woodworking jobs and were feeling frustrated by the inconsistency and shop inefficiency that resulted from this. In the midst of the miscellanies, a local artist was regularly requesting custom art panels. He expressed his need for reliable, warp-free panels and was pleased with the product Bevan was consistently putting out. After some time, Bevan craved regularity and predictability in the workplace and desired to find a niche. He came to understand the need for high-end art panels in the Art Supply industry and made the choice to dive in. In Summer of 2020, BARA began exclusively building art surfaces. The shop was quickly reestablished and upgraded with the aim to be efficient in panel production. Since then, the couple has grown their family (3 boys!) and recently relocated back to Eugene, Oregon. BARA is now comfortably nestled in the Whiteaker Neighborhood with a big beautiful shop, some new equipment, and 4 more employees.

A word from Nix and Bevan:

We have found immense pleasure in entering the art world and have built lasting and meaningful relationships with artists along the way. We heavily depend on the feedback and critique of our clients in order to grow and get better and we are so grateful for the support and enthusiasm our clients have shown thus far. We are constantly learning and always improving our product and although there is sometimes the temptation to “go big”, we are consciously and intentionally taking things slow and steady. We love the intimacy that a small family-run business provides and would never want to risk our relationships or the quality of our panels. So far, the combination of Bevan’s sometimes obnoxious perfectionism and Nix’s quirky relatability has been a success; we are happy and so are our clients.