Custom Panels

BARA is primarily a custom shop. We can do all shapes and sizes and we enjoy getting creative with our clients. Don't hesitate to run a fun idea by us; we wanna make it happen! We are exclusively building panels at this time and will only offer frames when ordered in combination with our panels. We will not build frames a-la-carte or for an existing artwork. We have a CNC machine and can do geometric, rounded, and/or organic shapes. We offer built-in french cleats with any shape or size. We do not have a maximum when it comes to size although shipping should always be kept in mind when planning your sizes. We often recommend building XL panels in sections that can be assembled together on sight to keep shipping and handling within reason. We are a small shop and everything is made to order. You can expect a typical turnaround to be 4-6 weeks. We allow our clients to reserve a spot on our schedule for future delivery even if they don't know exact order details. If you know you will one something in a couple months, email Nix at Nix@barawoodshaping to request a spot in production. We will not need to know your order details until we are ready to start production. Please reach out if you have any questions at all! We'd love to hear from you. :)

-The BARA team