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BARA Woodshaping & Design

BASSWOOD FRAMED PANEL | 10 x 10 | 2 Pack

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  • Pack of two
  • 10'' x 10'' x 1'' cradled panels with a fitted unfinished Basswood floating frames
  • Frame has a 1/2'' profile, 1/4'' reveal, and 1 3/4'' depth
  • Panel set back 1/4'' from face of frame 
  • Frames are fully removable and secured with screws in back  

*Custom sizes available. Contact us for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paula E Borsetti
Perfect Package

I love these framed panels from Bara! Expertly crafted panels and frames. I love that I can easily take them apart, work on my paintings and then decide how I want to finish each frame. Although they are so beautiful I usually leave them natural., which goes well with my work. But there are options! I don’t have to think about how they will be “finished” for exhibition with these framed panels. Love them!


Amazing quality. Only panels and frames I use for my paintings. Highly recommend.

Jeanne Lagano
consistent quality and great customer service

I've painted nearly all of my work this year on these panels and the floated frame is so easy to work with and is perfect look for my work. They are true to their word on getting your order to you and they are so amazingly gorgeous, it is hard to want to paint on them.
thank you for creating these for us to continue the creation with our work. best wishes!!!!!

Thank you so much for the review Jeanne! We love it when our work is appreciated by artists like you. It's so rewarding to see what you did with the panels!



Curious George
Exquisite Craftsmanship

I have purchased several styles and sizes and each time I have been overjoyed at the quality, the customer service, and very fast shipping! Bara is now my go to place for panels of any kind!

Amy Minson
Beautiful workmanship

Each frame and panel is a work of art unto itself. Great care taken in packaging as well. Highly recommend amazing quality products.